About Us

Barry's Balloons is a family run company based in Glasnevin since the 1980s. Barry sold his first balloons in Dublin in 1982 selling foil Santa balloons at shopping centres on Saturdays leading up to Christmas(of course the centres we're closed on Sundays back then)

Our first store opened at Hart's corner Glasnevin in 1988. We have since moved 3 times to larger premises, now very much settled in Glasnevin Business Park since 1999. A staff of 12 full time workers keep all the cogs moving - a lot of who have been with us for over 20 years!

Not just focusing on balloons Barry got involved with Popcorn and candyfloss machines from the early 90s. In the mid 90s we brought in some of the first bouncing castles into Ireland. Christmas decorations were always part of the business.

With work coming in waves there was always need for extra hands at times with Barry's dad Raymond helping out with some of the early versions of stick balloons and helping in the shop. With his sons Donal & David full time involved in the business and the next generation helping out from time to time we now have 4 generations of the family involved in the balloon business.

From the early days of buying a few hundred balloons at a time from the UK and doing a few deliveries around Dublin in the hatchback van we now have a fleet of 6 vans on the road delivering to all parts of Dublin daily.